can someone please tell me how womans fashion from the 1920s have been revived im doing an essay and i got information but i need…. more links would be nice but if u have what u know at the top of your head thats more than welcomed

Is there a word for this type of character in a story?

Someone who is initially perceived as an antagonist but throughout is kind of not like that? I’m doing an essay for Nancy Richler’s “Your Mouth is Lovely” and the one character Tsila is first introduced like an antagonist but ends up saving the protagonist’s life. So is there a word I can use to describe her? Like the anti-hero or something? I’m not sure. Thanks in advance for your help!

Could someone explain the poem “Making Poetry” to me? PLEASE HELP ME!?

Hey, i am trying to write an essay about this poem by Anne Stevenson but i am having trouble understanding it. Please help me.Making Poetry‘You have to inhabit poetryif you want to make it.’And what’s ‘to inhabit?’To be in the habit of, to wearwords, sitting in the plainest light,in the silk of morning, in the shoe of night;a feeling bare and frondish in surprising air;familiar. . . rare.And what’s ‘to make?’To be and to become words’ passing weather; to serve a girl on terrible terms, embark on voyages over voices,evade the ego-hill, the misery-well,the siren hiss of publish, success, publish,success, success, success.And why inhabit, make, inherit poetry?Oh, it’s the shared comedy of the worstblessed; the sound leading the hand;a wordlife running from mind to mindthrough the washed rooms of the simple senses;one of those haunted, undefendable, unpoeticcrosses we have to find.thanks for your help

How is pearl harbor and september 11th different?

difference between them & also how are they alike?how did each change the opinion s on war and the need for war?

Help for english essay.?

Hi, I have a blue book(5 paragraph essay) test coming in English and I have no idea on how to write a five paragraph essay about structure and form of an epic novel. So can anyone explain?

Dances with wolves, white impact?

hi, I’m writing an essay on the impact Europeans had on the native americans back when they first went there. I need to include references from the film dances with wolves (the one with kevin costner, spelling?). Does anybody have any examples? so far I have got how they killed off all the buffalo but I really really need some more! thanks!

Who is a fanatic character in the novel Night by Elie Wiesel?

I have a essay on fanatic characters in Night, and I’m not really sure which characters to choose, anyone have any suggestions? And it has to be someone who is mentioned in the book, for example not Hitler…

AP government essay question?

Both party leadership and committees in Congress play key roles in the legislative process.a. Define the following elements of the congressional committee system and explain how each influences the legislative process. -Specialization -Reciprocity/logrolling -Party representation on committeesb. Identify two ways party leadership in Congress can influence the legislative process and explain how each way influences the process.

HELP~~****I’m writing an essay on Huck Finn…please help!(: more info if you clickk?

During the trip up the Mississippi, Jim said “just because its law, don’t make it right”. Based on this quote, write an essay about how Huck’s views about slavery and the abolitionist movement changed throughout the story.please help! even if it is just little notes, help me!

Quick comma question!?

Which is correct (for MLA) in the placement of the comma after the name of the essay:Sally Satel, author of “Death’s Waiting List”, was another anxious patient who needed a transplant and faced the difficulty of finding a donor.orSally Satel, author of “Death’s Waiting List,” was another anxious patient who needed a transplant and faced the difficulty of finding a donor