What to do about a mistake on my Commmon Application Essay?

I accidentally mentioned my interest in a specific college, and then submitted to all... is this a fatal mistake? Should I contact each Admissions office and try to correct the applications, or just ignore it and hope for the best?

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One Response to “What to do about a mistake on my Commmon Application Essay?”

  1. arenicolite says:

    Yikes. That’s awful. Don’t ignore it — admissions officers reading your essay won’t. E-mail the admissions offices right away saying you uploaded the wrong file; they’ll probably let you mail in a hard copy of your essay (be careful this time). If you mail it in ASAP, clearly labeled with all your identification info, and accompanied by a note confirming your prior contact with the office regarding your essay, it might not be a problem.Or just really hope that you get into the school for which you indicated your interest.