What is a good conclusion paragraph for an essay on the fall of rome?

i need some advise for a good grade for an essay thats due tomorrow

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  1. Mithraist says:

    hello…The Fall of RomeThe Roman Empire is perhaps the most studied and revered of any government that has ever existed. Roman culture and its unique position as an early democracy have held it in a place of constant curiosity. There are many theories that attempt to explain the decline and fall of the great empire. Through each of these various explanations, there lies a bit of truth and it is clear that no one conclusive event is responsible for the fall of Rome. In fact, the very time frames for the loss of Roman glory, varies from theory to theory and historian to historian. Much like any other state in trouble, the Roman Empire’s demise was a result of crises in political, physical, and structural deterioration. As a result, or perhaps as a parallel series of events the Roman Empire began to be plagued by corruption, public health, poverty and increased violence. Each of these internal problems placed tremendous strains of the empire and external rivals began to take advantage of the weakening government. Centuries…check it out here: [external link] …