The period between the Franco-Prussian war and WWI?

"By many accounts, the period after the Franco-Prussian War was an era of increasing freedom and prosperity for Europeans. Suffrage was extended to most men, governments developed social welfare programs, cultural restrictions on women were easing, and a new middle class was emerging. Yet this period ended with the murderous devastation of the First World War. Looking back on the ideas of the eighteenth century, do you consider the history between these two wars to be a reflection of Enlightenment principles?"this is the prompt i have for an essay, obviously i dont want you to write the paper for me, but give me some ideas about where to start if youre familiar with the topic?

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  1. byelaws says:

    The liberal topics your teacher has included in this prompt seem to be intentionally divisive. These developments are direct or incidental to the industrial revolution in Europe. A revolution in manufacturing, in agriculture, transportation, and communication is the principal player. Nationalism was the result of these developments and is the cause of WW1. A good approach might be a history of the Krupp Family or a history of a town like Essen during this time period. A source like this would cover the real issues as well as the secondary issues required in your assignment.