Problem livery… and horse!?

Ok here goes, I am at my wits end and just about ready go lose the plot with one of my liveries! She has a 4 yr old warmblood gelding who, in my opinion is too much for them to handle, he is a nightmare in the field and has bullied two older geldings these are owned by teenage girls who in turn have also nearly been trampled by this horse!.I have had to separatee this young horse because he was a danger to the other horses and owners. The owner has a mare as well put refuses to put them in together as she says that he tries to mount her, although i doubt this is because she is a mare as he also does this with geldings, its just the way he plays. I have said that she can not expect others to put their horses in with him if she is not willing to.I have also suggested that he goes in with the alpha mare but she will not agree to this either, basically she wants me to tell the other owners they have no choice but to subject their beloved animals to constant harassmentt and injury, just so she is happy. I have her on the phone or texting me emotionally blackmailing me daily, me saying how upset he is on his own and he feels excluded, even though i have not seen this 'distressed' behaviour and neither has anyone else, it seems to only happen when they are around! He is right beside 4 other geldings,Anyway sorry for the essay but any advice would appreciated as she is driving me MAD! overall she is a very demanding and sometimes downright rude person, although she can also be lovely, a real Jekyll and hyde personality.

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10 Responses to “Problem livery… and horse!?”

  1. wests says:

    Tell her that as she is obviously not prepared to consider the well being of other horse and you have done all you can for her you have to think of yourself and the majority therefore she has one month to find alternative accommodation. And do not back down. It is not fair on others or the horses. I know that you will lose money to start with but another livery will come along.Also if you have not already done so start every new livery with a 3 month probation. I say 3 months because as you are aware, different horses take different lengths of time to settle down and the owner to learn your routine. If you can come to no compromise after that time, it is time for them to go.It is your property and you have an obligation to think of the majority.

  2. Libytheidae says:

    Tell her she has two choices. Either put him with her mare, or move him some place else. Stop letting an ignorant customer run your business.Losing one boarder is better than getting sued when someone gets hurt by this untrained horse. If it were my stables I would put him with 2 alpha mares and his attitude would change drastically.

  3. renovee says:

    This horse is a danger to your clients and their horses. You know this. You are assuming some liability here if something happens.Why are you endangering your stable, your boarders, their children, your peace of mind and sanity, and ultimately your future if you get sued, for a rude, unreasonable client with a horse she can’t handle?Kick her out.BTW: With a person like this who is never satisfied… you do realize if anything happens to their “baby” they’ll try to sue your pants off?

  4. confusing says:

    i have a livery who got pissed cause her horse got kicked from 2 new mare’s who came out there interdiction paddock. she has been a problem for years, with pre managers.i have been waiting until yard was fuller to ask her to leave, as she winds every one up.she got stroppy with me over this kick. i said its what horses do. the mare can go in a separate paddock (paying for it) or wait for the horses to carm down. they have now. luckily i heared her talking saying she was leaving.dout she would have, so i jumped at the chance and said i here your leaving. she asked who said she was and i said i here you. she had no option but to go. people who black mail me and uses threatening behaviour i ask to leave. the yard is a better place with out them. although you will lose 2 liveries, you will find it easyer to get new liveries with out those causing a problem. with a good reputation. when you ask some one to leave, they whole yard behaves for a while.just say to her, you can Leave him in the paddock or you could try another yard. maybe be you would get on better some where else.don’t let livery’s walk over you. that’s when trouble begins.yard are getting busy now winter iscomingg. this is the time to lose her.

  5. maigret says:

    If you asked her to move out, how difficult would it be to fill her slots with another client?It sounds to me like not only is she making your life difficult, she is also making life difficult for your other clients. You can’t be losing other good clients to satisfy one over demanding one.

  6. techctr says:

    I would cut your losses and tell her to go and find somewhere else to keep her horse. Seems like she is making life a misery for all concerned. If you rent out on a monthly basis, she could go at the end of September. Be firm and explain why.

  7. Nebiim says:

    You are right to stick to your guns you have to look out for the other peoples horses well being and safety and the owners not just hers. . If she is not willing to listen to you and take on what you say maybe you should say she needs to move her horses to another livery as it is not working for any of you.

  8. slaughterman says:

    You should charge the owner for the damage the horse causes. The owner has no right to blackmail you, and you have every right to say you can’t board her horse. It’s up to you, as long as you follow the contract.

  9. terroristic says:

    Get rid of her and give someone else the spot. The customer is not always right. Your responsibility is to your other boarders and the well-being of their horses too. Do you want to get one customer angry, or keep her happy and have the rest of them angry?You should probably have a written agreement about conditions of boarding, to avoid problems with this kind of person.We had a horse like that once and we suspected he was proud-cut — i.e. not gelded properly, so that while he couldn’t get mares pregnant he still did things like trying to mount mares and generally being obstreperous. Another possibility is that this horse was just gelded late and had already developed the personality and behaviour patterns of a stallion.

  10. wyled says:

    im sorry I would ask her to move elsewhere