English essay about plot, Wuthering Heights and The Importance of Being Ernest?

My question is:'The plot is not of key importance in my novels; it is merely there to provide my characters with an illusion of structure in their lives. But I’m not brave enough as a writer to discard plot altogether’ (Christopher Isherwood). How significant is plot in the texts you have studied?I've chosen the texts Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. Has anyone got any ideas?

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4 Responses to “English essay about plot, Wuthering Heights and The Importance of Being Ernest?”

  1. disannex says:

    Plot actually depends on the reader and writer.For example, my Fiction writing professor made us write our first short story without a plot. For me, it was really difficult. It completely depends on what you’re going for.

  2. voyages says:

    Well, for all that Wuthering Heights is a classic, the plot is generally taken as it’s greatest weakness. (The frame story, for example, with whatever-his-name-was visiting the area and being told the story- kind of pointless, in my opinion. I’ve seen frame stories that are far more innovative or compelling, here it seems unnecassary and almost detracts from the work) The work’s greatest strength is its characterization, and there are other elements- the passionate language, the setting and how it’s described, the psychological undertonesAs much as I love Oscar Wilde, I think with him, again, the plot is more of a detail. But it has been a long time since I’ve read the play, so I may be wrong! Oscar Wilde’s brilliance is in his use of language, his dialogue and allt he layers of meaningFor many authors plot is just a necessary element and nothing more, like Isherwood describes. (And I think this is the case with both Emily Bronte and Wilde) But some writers have used plot brilliantly, and Emily’s sister (whom someone else has mentioned) is a great example. Villete is an amazing work, hard to get through but brilliant. Better than Jane Eyre! And, in my opinion, also better than WH. The plot isn’t “missing,” though- it’s just psychoanalytically based. (And yes, I do think it’s ahead of its time- the modernists, who believed in Freudian thought, treated plot just like she does) It is definitely “incredible,” but this is the whole point- it’s not meant to be realistic but to get inside Lucy’s mind. Some people have complained about the “coincidences” in it, as all of the characters she meets in her adolescence come back. But this is because the plot exactly mirrors her psychological journey, as she delves into her past and confronts it. But she comes to terms with it just too late… So sad :( Sorry I know this isn’t the book you asked about, but it still makes for a great comparison!

  3. motorizes says:

    I’m acutally writing a paper on wuthering heights right now too. Possible plots are-Archetypal masculine and feminine potrayals-The difference between love and obsession-And the addictive/corruptive love that heathcliff and cathy are subject too

  4. outplods says:

    When I read your question I could not but think of Villette by Charlotte Bronte. It is a book where the plot is agonizingly missing and through this you get to understand so keenly the heroine’s depression and dissatisfaction with her life, that you come to agree with Thackeray who said for it “What a plaguy book that Villette is! And how clever! And how I don’t like it’s heroine!” with the exception that I like the heroine :) .