What are the signs of a low IQ in adults?

I've really been concerned about my IQ in recent years as I wonder why I've achieved much less than the average person my age. It's so difficult for me to honestly assess my IQ because as a child I had a very unstable background and that could be the reason why I struggled so much in learning how to read and fit in at primary school. I eventually ended up going to university after getting BBB in my A-levels and I can drive well, play guitar at a basic level, I'm a great tennis player, and I'm setting up a business in computer repair. Though I feel like I take longer than most people to learn things, I struggle a lot in a work environment, and I have a poor memory/recall. I've written essays and assignments which I've scored highly in but most of it is just regurgitated research. I have been diagnosed with social phobia and take antidepressants to keep me stable but I do wonder whether I just have a low IQ and that's why I get so nervous and fearful of social situations.

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  1. disaffirm says:

    IQ is your potential intelligence level, it goes down as you get older as you have less potential to learn and more actual learning. Inteligence is different to knowlage, knowlage is an ability like playing a guitar, intelligence will just how how easy you would find it to learn to play.Don’t worry about it, IQ is only important when you are still learning.