I need to write a pursuasive essay on opposing gay marriage but i dont know how to start it .?

someone help meee !

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  1. queerest says:

    Start with a the topic of the paper and give and introduction to what points you are about to make. Each paragraph should cover one of the points you made in the opening paragraph. The last paragraph should summarize the paper. Marriage is a union that describes the unique relationship between a man and a women in which children are born and raised in a stable environment. There have been many studies done proving that children do better in homes with both a mother and a father present. The main requirement to obtain a marriage license is a couple must be a man and a women. That basic requirement cannot be met in a gay relationship. You don’t give drivers licenses to people who cannot meet the requirements to obtain one, marriage licenses work the same way. Driving is a privilege not a right; marriage is a privilege not a right. Marriage is not all about love as so many want to believe and this is proven in the divorce rates that people don’t understand that marriage is more than love. The relationship between a man and a women and the relationship between two men or two women are not the same because men and women are biologically different so why would a gay couple want to use a term that has never included them and does not describe their relationship?

  2. oceanophyte says:

    I am a douche. I have no rational or logical reasons for my thinking, I either follow the crowd or rely on my own personal distaste, rather like a kid refusing to eat vegetables because, HEY! THEY’RE VEGETABLES. I oppose gay marriage.The Bible tells me many things. It tells me that men should not lie with men as it is an abomination. Of course, the same section also cautions me against wearing clothes of mixed fibers, touching a pig’s flesh, or eating shellfish. On Sundays I like to wear my poly-cotton blend t-shirt, cheering my favorite team tossing the ole pigskin, and then adjourn to Red Lobster for an after-game feast. Clearly I am permitted to pick and choose which sections of the Bible God wants me to enforce, right?Being gay is unnatural. Despite scientific reports of homosexual behavior in animals, animals are not men (even though men are actually animals). Homosexuals cannot form natural pair bonds, even though animals which pair bond for life like geese have been spotted in same-sex arrangements – again, men are not animals. I know this because the Bible tells me so, even though scientists keep trying to insist the Earth is older than the Bible says it is, and continue to find dinosaur skeletons that God obviously planted for them to find.Being gay is a choice. Every day when I wake up I choose my blouse, my pants or skirt, my makeup, and my orientation. Am I straight or gay today? I’M STRAIGHT! It really is as easy as that. Homosexuals are just icky, especially what they do in bed. Of course I don’t know anything about actual homosexual relationships, how they have bills to pay and hang out with friends and watch TV just like anybody else. It’s what they do in their bedroom, actually what I THINK they do in their bedroom, that upset me and which is, coincidentally, denied by portions of that book I choose largely to ignore.

  3. JI says:

    start out with a couple short statements just facts and truths.there is no point to gay marriage….. it does nothing other than gain a few tax breaks and increase the divorce rate…. no children will come from the marriage.it could lead to the extinction of the human race.gay males rarely have monogomous relationships… males spread hiv/aids better than anyonemany same sex couples are just going to get married “because they can” until the vanity of it wears off…it would cost the government a ton of money!the cost to change laws and re-write new ones…lost money on tax breaks to gay couples….lost money on hiv/aids treatments….this lost money is going to have to be re-gained somewhere else in the form of another taxso its money out of your pocket as a tax payer.its a very expensive change that does nothing to improve society or life in general.

  4. einnpud says:

    Question, which I’m really interested in: Were you TOLD to write an essay opposing gay marriage, or did you have a choice to write an essay and have the choice of whether to support or oppose it. And is this for school (and if it’s private/religious whatever)Because if it’s the former, then I would love to waltz that teacher to the principle’s office. That’s putting it very gently. I’m really interested, could you elaborate with that ‘additional details’ button.

  5. couxia says:

    There are no persuasive reasons, they are all emotional and irrational.

  6. homebas says:

    I’m sorry but every reason against gay marriage fails logically.Procreation-Infertile straight couples can get married. We are also overpopulatedRaise gay children-Untrue because straight parents don’t only raise straight children. Would people rather keep children in orphanages than have a gay couple that wants kids adopt them? Straight people had these kids and didn’t take care of them for whatever reason.Unnatural-So is medication, eyeglasses, etc. Besides it’s observed in over 1500 species. We are animals.Religious jibber-jabber-Doesn’t matter. Separation of church and state. Marriage isn’t strictly religious. If it was, atheists couldn’t get legally married.It would spread HIV etc.-It would actually REDUCE the spread of HIV through monogamy. The only way to get it is to have unprotected sex with someone that has the disease. (or blood-transfusions which has nothing to do with gay marriage).”Sanctity” of marriage-50% divorce rate, celebrity marriage for publicity, quickie vegas weddings, reality show marriages etc. Straight people have already ruined the “sanctity” of marriage

  7. mounths says:

    Here is the full and complete list of valid reasons to oppose marriage equality:Got that?

  8. gongman says:

    well tell them you think they should legalize gay marriage. and tell them why you think so…here are some examples. everyone has the right to be with the one the love NOONE should tell them its wrong

  9. archer says:

    like guy said start with why they should legalise gay marriage, then move on to things like reasons why they have rights like every other human being, Give reasons and opinions, ect! Hope it helps.