Gameball (Football) in the Elizabethan Era?

What equtment is used for gameball, who played the sport, how did u play gameballmy my essay i have to have basic information on the sport called gameball in the elizabethan era, help me pleeaseThank you

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  1. robbyn says:

    In ‘Pleasure and Pastimes in Tudor England’ Alison Sim writes:’Sixteenth century football shoudl definitely be included among the warlike pastimes practised at the time. It was totally different from the modern game. There were no fixed numbers in a team, and the two teams simply fought over possession of the ball. There were goals, but the main point of the game seems to have been the excuse for fighting. Despite the danger, it was very popular, and was a common part of Shrovetide games. It was, however, definitely not a game for a gentleman. Sir Thomas Elyot described it as “a beastly fury and extreme violence, whereof proceedeth hurt, and consequently rancour and malice do remain with them that be wounded. . . .” People did indeed get hurt and even killed at footballbut there were also accidents on the hunting field. It was the fact that football was very much the ordinary man’s game that made gentlemen like Sir Thomas so wary of it.’