Hook for Vietnam War essay?

I need to find a really interesting hook that would pull the reader's attention to read my essay. I can't think of one. Can you guys help me? My TOPIC is the Hmong Involvement in the Vietnam War.

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  1. slaggier says:

    The Hmong help Americans throughout the war with Vietnam. Since the war was mainly in the jungle, U.S solider try to take advantage by flying through the air to find VietCon, which is shot down by the Northern Vietnamese.Hmong people rescure them and supply man power for the white man to understand the jungle and also help block supplies that were comming to Vietnam because the battle field was in Vietnam, yet the supplies had to go past part of southern Lao, which hmong people mainly live. Vang Pao was the leader of the hmong at that time, and was train by CIA to gather hmong people to fight the communist when Vietnamese ally with Laotians. Pao recuit more hmong during the 60′s and began fighting with the U.S because the hmong people believe in freedom. The meaning hmong is known as “The free people”. There is so much to know fi you google “secret war”, vietnam war, or why hmong people came to the U.S. Wikipedia it.

  2. varsava says:

    tch … its a secret war … y wud u think so? cuz the hmong WERE F#$#@!N F%