A good thesis statement for an essay on WWI?

I have to write a DBQ on two causes of the United States' entry in WWI, and two results of WWI (not the US's involvement, just WWI in general.)I am writing it about the Zimmerman Telegram, the unrestricted submarine warfare, the Treaty of Versailles, and Wilson's 14 Points. I am NOT supposed to include what I am writing about, just the broad topic (that there were causes of US's entry and results of the war)What I have so far:In 1917, the United States felt compelled to enter World War One, a war that forever changed life in Europe and the US.If you have any suggestions please tell me, and if you can think of a better thesis statement (not too hard) that would be helpful. Thank you!

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  1. beadsmen says:

    i think that thesis statement is good, but if you really want a suggestion, maybe something like this:1917 was the year the United States of America entered a fierce battle, one called the “World War”, which indeed was a world war, for every country could feel the damaging effects of this battle there onward. <3 i still like urs better ☻