Help me anyone?! please and thank you?

Imagine working with a younger sibling or student who is having trouble multiplying by 9s. Create an algorithm to help the student learn how to do this easily. Then notate whether the given algorithm is equivalent or not. You may need to use outside resources to help you.Hint: 10 - 1 = 9]Describe your algorithm in the space provided below.I got to write an essay anyone help me?

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    9*1 = 10 – 1 = 99*2 = 20 – 2 = 189*3 = 30 – 3 = 279*4 = 40 – 4 = 369*5 = 50 – 5 = 459*6 = 60 – 6 = 549*7 = 70 – 7 = 639*8 = 80 – 8 = 729*9 = 90 – 9 = 819*10 = 100 -10 = 909*11 = 110 -11 = 999*12 = 120 -12= 1089*13 = 130 – 13 = 1179*14 = 140 – 14 = 126The formula for 9 * N or (9N):Add a zero to N and minus N -or- multiply N by 10 and minus N10N – N9*200 = 2000 – 200 = 18009*999 = 9990 – 999 = 8991Best answer please.