Education in concentration and internment camps during WWII?

so i have to write an essay about japanese internment campsand jewish concentration campsand a topic i am writing about is the kids' education does anyone know about it for bothi know kids in the holocaust did reallybut i need more infolinks or your actual knowledge would be helpfulplease and thank you!

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    This is about the relocation camp at Minidoka, Idaho, about 18 miles northeast of Twin Falls”The Center’s administrative and residential facilities were situated on approximately 950 acres. Minidoka functioned as a self-sustaining community that had two elementary schools, a high school (that when it opened in November 1942 had an enrollment of 1,225), a library, a 196-bed hospital, fire stations, a warehouse area consisting of 22 buildings, a newspaper, bands, choirs, orchestras and sports teams. ” [external link] …Children who earned their diplomas in the camp schools are now — in their old age – getting a new diploma from the schools they were taken away from [external link] …Here is an interview with an old man who was detained as a child in the Santa Fe Camp, which I think was for Japanese (and nationals of other countries that were enemies of the US) who were in trouble with the law or with the FBI(click on “watch video”) [external link] …