What’s an interesting, catchy title for an essay about the French Revolution?

ok so i've written an essay answering the question: what were the major causes for the french revolution?and now i need a title. it's supposed to be interesting and catchy but i can't htink of anything :(

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6 Responses to “What’s an interesting, catchy title for an essay about the French Revolution?”

  1. usuario says:

    “Why Marie Antionette Lost Her head”"The Peasants Refused to Eat Cake”

  2. calva says:

    French Revolution: Not Just a Piece of Cake(Marie Antoinette’s infamous “Let them eat cake” quote)

  3. bisulfide says:

    “Heads Will Roll”"We beheading for a revolution”

  4. MELISA says:

    ‘off with her head’ (also similar to a Kaiser Chiefs Album)

  5. thyrocricoid says:

    How about “mass murder for social progress”

  6. excandescency says:

    How about: “The French are Revolting” ;) Or a more serious one: “Too Little, Too Late: The Collapse of the Ancien Regime in France” Dependant on the conclusion of your essay, of course.