What other body parts, systems, organs are affected by obesity?

i need this for a part of an essay im writing and it has to have a bibliography so please try to use reputable sources (government organizations, organizations like WHO, etc.) and post a URL to the website your answer is from.What parts of the body are DIRECTLY affected by obesity? Not what is affected by diseases that are more likely to be contracted due to obesity (like diabetes) but what does obesity itself affect?

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  1. mammiferous says:

    it could lead to high blood pressure and other related complications.it hardens the arteries.could result in hert failure and attack.your kidneys shut downif you do not exersice the fat builds up around your kidneys and lung cause breathing to beome laboured and the heart to ache when taking big breaths.all this information was taken from : A book from my local library

  2. spirituosity says:

    The organ most in danger is the heart. It simply cannot continue to pump blood through a huge body without some damage. It will get enlarged from being overworked.