Satirical Essay on Women’s Rights?

I'm writing a satirical essay over women's rights and need some extra subtopics. I already have points such as they should have the roles that men have, like working 9-5 jobs instead of men, they should hold all political offices and turn institutions such as the Congress into a sorority, they should get paid more than men, simply because they worked harder to be able to work in places, etc.Any additional thoughts?

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4 Responses to “Satirical Essay on Women’s Rights?”

  1. xerographic says:

    That’s more a satire of popular anti-feminist rhetoric than women’s rights.

  2. tabina says:

    You would make a great feminist.

  3. JENELLE says:

    O.W.A.B- Deva Path youre just a dumbass….. its supposed to be sarcastic. its a satire. Report Abuse

  4. fBwrite says:

    Well, you could say they should have responsibilities, that would be pretty good.You could make it that for spending 20 minutes on her back or knees, she has to give a car, house, half her net worth and most of her income for the next 18 years to the guy who she was with.