Whats your least favorite and most favorite school subject?

Worst: English, I love writing but not 12 page essays about things I don't care about!Best: Biology or any science class because I adore labs!

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11 Responses to “Whats your least favorite and most favorite school subject?”

  1. mugwumpery says:

    Worst: lunch timeBest: lunch time

  2. taglock says:

    Worst: Sports. We have to chose from a list what we take and since everyone said that fitness is horrible (I know the teacher – it’s gotta be terrible!) I took dancing. And I hate it so much. I feel so stupid when we’re doing a choreography or just warming up and doing relaxion exercises.Best: English. I am german so it’s a little different from your english class. But I enjoy writing essays about everything, I love learning new words and the topics we’re having are way better than those of my german class.But I as well enjoy biology. I never understood plain chemistry or physics but I understand it as soon as it is connected to biology. Don’t know why – but right now our topic is evolution and it’s fascinating!

  3. coriariaceous says:

    Worst: History. -I can’t remember dates and peoples’ names for nothin’!Best: English/Language Arts. -Easy. That class was fun, :)

  4. toolmaking says:

    Math and chemistry dislike them I love biology and entomology

  5. alvin says:

    least favorite: mathmost favorite: art

  6. chola says:

    Worst: MathsBest: English

  7. Barnburner says:

    Least: PE (I suck at it)Best: I really like Language Arts (English) but I’m also really good at math

  8. exhalations says:

    favorite- modern/classic literature. disliked- latin and calculus

  9. ozaccom says:

    Worst: Algebra and Algebra 2 – the teachers suck and I hate mathBest: Chemistry – one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and I love sciences

  10. monoxylous says:

    my favorite is drama, its an option but its my favorite

  11. scrupled says:

    My least favorite was math while my favorite was history.