What is a good attention grabber for my essay on segregation ?

The essay is on legal segregation (which is the segregation passed by government) between white and black people.For example, a white woman should not treat a black man. ( A former law in Alabama)

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4 Responses to “What is a good attention grabber for my essay on segregation ?”

  1. hemodrometry says:

    Thinking about gangs, drugs and the current family values of today. Which black child had the better environment for a good education. A poor intercity black child in 2007 or a poor intercity black child in segregated 1957.

  2. pictorials says:

    Separate is Not Equal(It’s a play on Plessy vs. Ferguson)

  3. caret-T says:

    With today’s integrated world, it’s difficult to imagine that integration was illegal and prolematic just a few decades ago.Though many forms of segregation have been eliminated, many still exist.Jim Crow laws contributed to unequal treatment under the law of humans, despite what the USA constitution says and what the Civil War apparently established.

  4. nonannouncement says:

    have the class seperate by colour ie black on one side and the whites on the other.. men in front and the women at the back.. then read your essay… kinda hits home abit when they can actually see it done..