What are some historical facts as to why martin luther is a protestant?

im writing an essay for history and i need to express and support my opinion as to whether or not he was protestant or catholici chose protestant but i cant find any info on why:/

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2 Responses to “What are some historical facts as to why martin luther is a protestant?”

  1. amusively says:

    He was a catholic priest/monk at first. Although he disagreed with many of the actions the catholic church was participating in including: Selling indulgences (tickets to heaven), simony (the selling of items that people said they belonged to Christ himself), and nephertism (i apologise for having to idea how to spell it) but that was education young boys, by young I mean twelve or so to become priests and bishops. They obviously had no true understanding or experience.Luther protested to the church about this, creating the ’95 Theses’ a list of the corruption occurring in the Catholic church at the time. The Catholic church leaders refused to reason and exiled him from the church so in the end he created the Protestant religion.It hadn’t been his ideal goal to create a new religion, just to get the Catholic church to fix the corruption.Hope this helped.

  2. yowed says:

    He started a religion. Matrin “Lutheran” he was a Catholic German monk. He left the church and started his own religion.