True or False:1]There is no major difference between writing fiction and nonfiction.2]Nonfiction has become a very limited field of writing in the twentieth century.3]Nonfiction can be as exciting and unusual as fiction.4]Nonfiction only addresses facts and may not include opinions.5]Nonfiction writers do not use figures of speech in their descriptions.6]A propagandist tries to convince the reader to accept his viewpoint on an issue.7]Two main types of nonfiction prose are exposition and description.8]To achieve a strong descriptive essay style, you do not need to bother with details in your writing.9]A writer usually develops a particular type of expository prose according to the purpose he plans to accomplish in his writing.10]A character sketch is a type of brief biographical essay.11]The two major styles of essay writing are informal and humorous.

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    1. false2. false3. true4. false5. f6. t8. f11.fsorry i didn’t get them all..

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    1. F2. T3. T4. F5. F6. T7. T8. F9. T10. F11. F