What to do about a mistake on my Commmon Application Essay?

I accidentally mentioned my interest in a specific college, and then submitted to all… is this a fatal mistake? Should I contact each Admissions office and try to correct the applications, or just ignore it and hope for the best?

The period between the Franco-Prussian war and WWI?

“By many accounts, the period after the Franco-Prussian War was an era of increasing freedom and prosperity for Europeans. Suffrage was extended to most men, governments developed social welfare programs, cultural restrictions on women were easing, and a new middle class was emerging. Yet this period ended with the murderous devastation of the First World War. Looking back on the ideas of the eighteenth century, do you consider the history between these two wars to be a reflection of Enlightenment principles?”this is the prompt i have for an essay, obviously i dont want you to write the paper for me, but give me some ideas about where to start if youre familiar with the topic?

Can someone please read my essay and give me criticism thankssss?

As soon as the air bag hit me, I could have sworn it was over.But it wasnt , in fact, it was just the beginning. My day started like any normal day would have. I woke up at 6, took a shower and had my clothes on by 6 30. 6 35 my breath was minty fresh, and by 6 40 I went down the stairs to the garage. This morning was special, I thought, the first day of my last semester of high school. It was time to continue to work hard, and work on what I defered in the last year. By 6 42 I was in my car. 7 minutes passed, and I was halfway to school. The light just turned green, and the green arrow to turn left flashed for me to execute my turn to Cooper Road. 3 seconds passed, and the air bag busted in my face. No this was definitely not happening. Panic filled my body. My body became tense, and my breath shortened. The off duty cop at the intersection guided me out of my car, and told me to sit on the curb and breathe slowly. My tears at that point were uncontrollable. An hour and an half passed, and the accident scene was cleared. 24 hours later, the whiplash took affect. The things I did on a normal basis were impossible to do: laugh and breathe. I felt helpless as a newborn baby, I couldn’t stop relapsing. The day came to an end, and I was recuperating. I thought this would be the final day that I would hear anything pertaining to the accident, but I was wrong. 48 hours later, the real trauma began. The police report came, and that’s when everything took a downward spiral. My parents went to the towing place to take the car back. My parents arrived 3 minutes before I came home. I did not get a hi from my father, only a receipt from the towing company. That’s when I broke down. My father said, ” you need to give me this money by tommorow, and I don’t care how you get it, just make sure I have it by tommorow”. That’s when it happened again, seating in the drivers seat. I thought being in the car was better than having to deal with the incessaant chatter that I was going to go through with my parents. I was not mad at the fact that I had to pay for the bill, but simply at the fact that it seemed as if my parents did not care. To be honest, I am happy that the car hit me that day. It showed me that change can only happen through learning. My parents did not change,maybe if I passed away, they would, but what’s important is that my behaviors changed. Many people would view getting into a car wreck as a tragedy, but I see it as a sign to achieve what I want. And going to Fordham is what I want to achieve out of my life right now.

Guys please do help me to get some information on informatics.?

I have to write an essay of 1000 words on contribution of informatics on social networks. I really dont have much idea about it. Could someone help me find what it is exactly?

Problem livery… and horse!?

Ok here goes, I am at my wits end and just about ready go lose the plot with one of my liveries! She has a 4 yr old warmblood gelding who, in my opinion is too much for them to handle, he is a nightmare in the field and has bullied two older geldings these are owned by teenage girls who in turn have also nearly been trampled by this horse!.I have had to separatee this young horse because he was a danger to the other horses and owners. The owner has a mare as well put refuses to put them in together as she says that he tries to mount her, although i doubt this is because she is a mare as he also does this with geldings, its just the way he plays. I have said that she can not expect others to put their horses in with him if she is not willing to.I have also suggested that he goes in with the alpha mare but she will not agree to this either, basically she wants me to tell the other owners they have no choice but to subject their beloved animals to constant harassmentt and injury, just so she is happy. I have her on the phone or texting me emotionally blackmailing me daily, me saying how upset he is on his own and he feels excluded, even though i have not seen this ‘distressed’ behaviour and neither has anyone else, it seems to only happen when they are around! He is right beside 4 other geldings,Anyway sorry for the essay but any advice would appreciated as she is driving me MAD! overall she is a very demanding and sometimes downright rude person, although she can also be lovely, a real Jekyll and hyde personality.

What is the difference between a synopsis and a summary?

For my summer reading assignment I have to read a book and write a 1 page essay about it. I have to write a synopsis, critique, and historical perspective about it.

Title for my gay marriage essay?

Should gay marriage be legal?

What is a good conclusion paragraph for an essay on the fall of rome?

i need some advise for a good grade for an essay thats due tomorrow

Comments on this essay?

Hello! Can you tell me what you think of this essay capturing a little bit of what it takes to be a rider? (Excuse the grammar my editor hasn’t edited it yet.)When you think of the word “horse”, what do you think of? Do you think of a huge, well-built, 4-legged beast with an attitude? Some may even think of horseback riding. An easy sport where you sit there and let the horse do all the work, correct? Incorrect. Actually, horseback riding and horses in general demand a lot of physical and mental strength. When your partner is something that outweighs you by about half a ton, it gets dangerous. Horses aren’t machines, and when they get mad, you end up hurt. Without physical strength, you can’t stop a speeding quarter horse topping 50 miles an hour. With horses comes poop. With poop comes mucking. You spend 3 hours or so a day mucking 40 or 45 stalls you’re going to have some very strong, toned biceps. When your horse starts bucking, you have to be able to physically pull his head up, and make him stop. It’s not that simple.Emotionally, horses can bring you into the worst time of your life, but also give you the best moment you’ve ever experienced. When your only company is a horse, this beast that could kill you in an instant, it gets serious. However, it’s also amazing that sometimes this animal is what keeps you from killing yourself. My horse saved my life, because with her, I had a reason to live. I had a life that I was responsible for. It was like she knew what was wrong. She would spend time away from her heard, to comfort me. Why? Who knows? Why this animal would try and make me feel better, I’m not sure. But when you feel a soft muzzle wipe away your tears, nothing could ever be that bad. Horses don’t judge. They don’t care what you look like, or how smart you are. They don’t care if you have braces or glasses, and they don’t care if you’re popular or a nerd. That’s the beauty of horses. They don’t lie.Saying this, I’m not even including riding. Riding takes on a whole new level of ability. From the ground, it may seem like the riders just sitting there, letting the horse do all the work. However, those lead changes, that faster pace, those sliding stops and 5-foot fence clearings don’t happen on their own. You are doing that. You can’t talk to your teammate either. You must communicate without words. It’s almost like a silent dance, a secret that only you and your horse can understand.When you hear the word horse, maybe instead of thinking that it’s “just an animal”, realize that “just an animal” might have just saved your brother, sister or even your own child’s life. Realize the hours spent on “just an animal”. If you still don’t understand, that’s ok. Because you just don’t get it. When you tell me that my dreams can’t be reached with “just an animal”, I’ll smile. Because in the horse world, it’s not dreams that keep you going, it’s “just an animal”. It’s the horse. So now you want to tell me about your sorry excuse for a sport?

English essay about plot, Wuthering Heights and The Importance of Being Ernest?

My question is:’The plot is not of key importance in my novels; it is merely there to provide my characters with an illusion of structure in their lives. But I’m not brave enough as a writer to discard plot altogether’ (Christopher Isherwood). How significant is plot in the texts you have studied?I’ve chosen the texts Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. Has anyone got any ideas?